Flash Focus Frozen

25 January - 9 February 2020

Opening Reception : Sat 25 Jan 5-8 pm

Gallery Hours : 12-8 pm

Closed : Mondays



From that moment, everything ends and everything begins.

I focus into a state of unconsciousness. That is when it’s time to face my work.

To deeper thoughts.

To faster movements.

Bluer than the ocean.

And far beyond darkness.

It’s simple. Erase the noise from this world, erase the stares from this world.

From a world of limitations, I go on a journey to a world of infinity.

My works, music, and myself are all I need.

A city that is awake 24 hours. I distract myself from loneliness and push it aside.

Even the loud Blues music that is booming in my ears is swallowed by the rhythm which my pencil makes.

The less I see, the less I hear, my imagination accelerates.

It’s easy. All I have to do is run until I drop. And then my work becomes myself. I become my work.

No words are necessary. This feeling is like the warmth of holding a love one’s hand.

It’s like the smell carried by the wind just when the sun is falling.

Hoping that it’ll reach someone’s memories.